Protect Your Business This Summer

Protect Your Business This Summer

According to Safe City an estimated 35% of all burglaries are business burglaries resulting in a financial loss of around 20%. Understanding the time of day and year that your business is more at risk is paramount to keeping your business safe. 

EPA Security explains that generally, crime is more prominent during the summer months. It is believed that this is due to shorted business operating hours, amongst other factors, such as a higher likelihood that doors and windows have been left open as well as the days remaining lighter for longer. 

Contrary to home burglaries, business break ins are more likely to happen at night which provides the criminal more opportunity as they are less likely to be disturbed given that most businesses are either closed or have reduced staff at night. Similarly, many business burglaries happen during the weekend when again there are less staff present. Unfortunately, for a lot of business owners it can prove costly to have staff present 24/7. 

So how can you protect your business?

Access Control Systems:

The most common way for a criminal to access your business is through the front door, not the windows, as people often believe, with Johnson Controls stating that 50% of burglaries happen through unlocked doors. Having an access control system can therefore significantly decrease your risk as it prevents doors from mistakenly being left unlocked. Evidence also suggests that the presence of an access control system can even deter any attempt at a break in, as well as making an attempt more difficult, as a criminal will often move on to an easier target when they have spotted the system. 

Environmental Changes:

As we mentioned earlier, criminals chose their targets when they feel less likely to get caught. Keeping the environment around your business open and well-lit is a good way of making a criminal feel uncomfortable and unsafe. Motion detecting lights and open spaces can make your business harder to target. Be mindful of where you keep shrubbery and trash cans as these can often give criminals somewhere to hide. 

Reinforced Doors:

With more than half of burglaries involving forcible entry, although an access control panel is a great way of deterring a criminal, it is not a guarantee that your business won’t be targeted. Having a reinforced door with a multi-point deadbolt system will ensure your door withstands a large force. Criminals are then less likely to succeed as applying force will create noise which can attract attention, making them feel unsafe. 

Consider Cameras:

Whether you opt for full CCTV cameras, or the more cost-effective motion censored Smart Video Doorbell, having this extra layer will often be enough to deter criminals who are likely to move on to an easier target. 

Concerned about your security?

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