More Microsoft Teams Tips & Tricks

More Microsoft Teams Tips & Tricks

Send an email to a channel

Even though some tiny startups skip e-mail and use chat exclusively, Microsoft is properly aware of how much most of us inside the corporate international depend upon emails. Thankfully, you could send an email to a channel from outlook. To do this,

  • Launch “Microsoft Teams
  • On the Right, select “Teams
  • Select the channel of a team
  • Click on the More Options (…)
  • Select “Get email address
Tips for Microsoft Teams
  • Copy the email address and send an email from outlook and they will be delivered to the channel.
  • If you are interested in receiving emails to the channel only from specific senders, click “advanced settings
microsoft teams tips and tricks
  • Make the necessary changes and click “Save
microsoft teams tips

Save important messages

Do you have got an important message which you need to examine again later? No need to worry. You can effortlessly mark a message as saved or unread so you can come back to it at a later time.

  • You could do that by way of going to the top of the message which you want to keep/mark as unread
  • Click on the More Options (…)
  • Select “Mark as unread
tips for using microsoft teams
  • In case you have stored the message you can access it at any time by using selecting your profile picture inside the upper right-hand corner of teams client and choose Saved.

Commands in the search bar

Another hidden feature that you may not be aware of teams is commands in the search bar. They are shortcuts that you may use to perform common tasks in teams. Need some help on teams? Just type in /help within the search bar.

Some of the best slash commands include:

  • /Files – Shows the most recent files shared with you on Teams.
  • /GoTo – Lets you jump straight to a channel
  • /Call – Initiates a call with someone else on Teams
  • /Help – Delivers assistance via T-bot
  • /Saved – Takes you to your saved messages

Just type the “/” within the search bar on teams to see other commands. You can get the complete list of commands here.

Customize background

Video conferencing is an incredible method to unite teams, paying little heed to where your clients are. Be that as it may, individuals might be hesitant to join a video meeting if their condition is chaotic or diverting. Microsoft Teams changes all that. You can obscure everything behind you in a video, for total protection. To do this,

  • Click on your audio and video settings screen when you join a meeting
  • Click on the More Options (…)
  • Tap on “Blur my background

You also can add custom backgrounds like office surroundings or employer logo, as opposed to blurring out the background. Microsoft said it designed custom backgrounds to assist you to replace your actual assembly heritage with a “fresh and vivid home office.” To know more about custom backgrounds on teams, click here.


  • You work in a huge corporation. It has multiple workplaces. Some may be in extraordinary international locations. In the age of the freelance economic system and far-flung operating, it’s less complicated to find the skills you want in case you’re willing to go looking outside your personal area.
  • While you advantage from a prolonged skills pool, it additionally means that you will need to make certain conversations don’t wander off in translation.
  • Inline message translation maintains anybody at the equal web page and speaking in their preferred language. Just click at the ellipses subsequent to a message to translate it.

Pop-out chats

One of my favorite additions to Microsoft Teams is the ability to pop out a chat in Teams. Teams now permits you to come out your one-to-one or institution chats right into a separate window. After you pop it out you could resize it, reposition it, or close the window as you desire.

  • On the left side of Teams, select Chat to open the chat list.
  • Find the chat you want.
  • Select More options More options button > Pop-out chat Or, double-click the chat name and you’ll see a new pop-out chat window.

Mention a user, team or a channel

  • Need to stand out enough to be noticed in a channel discussion or talk? You can @mention them by composing “@” and afterwards their name (no spaces).
  • Imagine a scenario in which you have to get the consideration of the whole group. Simply type in @team, select the group, and afterwards type out your message. On the off chance that you simply need to @mention a specific channel inside the group, you can do that also by composing @channel, choosing the channel name, and afterwards composing your message.

Immersive Reader

  • This is one of Microsoft teams features which is regularly not noted as a functionality reserved for instructional institutions.
  • The immersive reader speaks the text on a channel aloud at various speeds. If you are struggling to recognize a text, or you want to seize information even as your eyes are focused someplace else, the Immersive Reader is a useful capability.
  • Click on on the three dots on any message and pick out the reader from your drop-down menu.

Pin the important stuff

Organize what you see at the highest point of your Teams customer by sticking things. One benefit that I generally find helpful is the capacity to pin a chat or a channel.

To pin a chat

  • Launch “Microsoft Teams
  • Find the chat you want to pin
  • Click on the More options ()
  • Select “Pin
  • You will see the chat at the top of your client indicating it has been pinned.
  • You can always unpin it at any time.

To pin a channel

  • Launch “Microsoft Teams
  • Find the channel within the team that you want to pin.
  • Click on the More Options ()
  • Select “Pin
  • You’ll then see the channel at the top of your client indicating it has been pinned.
  • You can always unpin it at any time.

Show and Hide Team

  • It’s easier to get work completed while you don’t have unstructured lists of channels to work through.
  • The features that were once “favourite” and “cast off from Favorites” on MS teams app had been currently upgraded to “show” and “hide“. This feature is specifically precious for human beings that need to keep away from statistics weigh down.
  • You could pick which channels and groups you want to see and hide the relaxation out of your interface. Although you will nevertheless get notifications while a person @Mentions you, your teams list won’t be almost as cluttered.
  • Select a team or a channel name, click on the More Options (“…”), select “hide” to make the team or channel invisible. Scroll to the bottom of the page to locate the hidden groups that you need to look again.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to locate the hidden groups that you need to look again.

Combine Wikis

  • If you already use Wikis within teams, this is the great option for better collaboration.
  • Click on the left-hand menu and pick the Wiki alternative. You will be taken to the Wiki domestic page to your personal tab, in which you may take notes and check statistics. you can additionally click on the All tab for a summary of each Wiki you’re worried about.
  • You can also upload notes on your non-public Wiki anywhere you are. Simply type the /Wiki into the teams text box and type your content.

Congratulations! Now you know the tips for Microsoft Teams.


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