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Travel & hospitality

Our biometric capture, access management, and security screening Fast PassTM and Trusted FanTM services and solutions streamline the passenger journey while securing access from couch to gate and beyond. IDEMIA is trusted by DHS as an enrollment partner for TSA PreCheck®.


Retail & eCommerce

IDEMIA offers omni-channel identity verification and authentication solutions that serve the customer at their preferred engagement point- online or in-person to meet the needs of modern retailers.


Logistics, delivery & ride-sharing

Delivery and ride-sharing companies need to onboard and maintain a large fleet of drivers. To ensure the validity of their identity, having a verified driver license is essential.

We offer the industry-leading online document and identity verification solution. IDEMIA is trusted by state DMVs to produce and issue more than 75% of the U.S. driver licenses and is uniquely positioned to verify an individual’s biographic and biometric information against official records at the DMV.



Confirming patient identity to a high degree of trust and protecting sensitive data doesn’t have to be a tradeoff. Both are made possible with IDEMIA’s identity verification and authentication services. Enable legitimate patients to gain access to care or prescriptions while reducing risk and ensuring compliance.

“Royal Caribbean was looking for a way to further secure and enhance our customers’ experience, focusing on efficiency in the final step of the journey – clearing Customs at U.S. ports. IDEMIA’s biometric solution cut the time it takes for debarkation of our over 3,000 passengers aboard each ship in half through real-time, contactless guest identification and seamless integration with the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol screening systems.”

— Captain Thomas Hinderhofer

RCL and Director of Cape Liberty Port Operations

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